Italian company Officine Minelli is founded by four brothers in 1956. During economic growth they started to deal with steel constructions for building industry. At that time first workshops had been built and they are having their names.

Dealing also with engineering and production of different vehicles and equipment for agriculture an idea to produce re-handler appeared. This idea came to live very soon and became a corner stone in company development.
Narrow specialty during more than 50 years, constant orientation on high quality, proved components and on-going self-improvement resulted in wide range of reliable unpretentious re-handlers from 16 to 44 tons capacity.

Officine Minelli collaborates fruitfully with specialists of research machinery institutes, laboratories, arranges meetings with leading engineers of the suppliers during which new components and materials has been tested and chosen.
Today company concentrates on technical development of the machines and their convenience in usage. There are no limits for self-improvement. That is why new methods to increase equipment reliability, capacity, length of boom has been researched.

The main market of Minelli is Italy where the company in contrast to other manufacturers is trying to work directly with end-users avoiding mediators. It is not secret that majority of the mediators earns on spare parts sales and manufacturer on equipment sales.

Minelli’s main idea that the high quality equipment works for company reputation and gives possibility
To client to earn, develop and widen the equipment fleet. Such approach that considers requirements of the customers enables the company to create reliable equipment that suits your requirements best. And this rule is the main philosophy of the company.

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