Portuguese company Louritex was founded on base of Matos & Frade Lda which was created in 1968 by two partners Antonio Felix de Figueiredo Frade and Antonio Amancio de Matos. Old company Matos and Frade Lda located in centre of Lourina and was engaged in agriculture equipment production.

In 6 years of work in 1974 the company received new partner – Luis Alberto Figeiredo Freida and Louritex Lda was founded then. At that time it was decided to build new production facilities and headquarters where the company resides till now.

In 1979 with enlarged production facilities the company entered new markets – equipment for industry and forestry. Louritex has also commenced production of mounting equipment for tractors among which are Caterpillar, Komatsu, Fiat.

Company has massively increased the volume of produced goods of this type until 1989 when large economic crisis in industry and forestry took place. After the analysis of situation and research of different economic sectors it was decided to start production of metal scrap recycling machines. Using experience in machinery production and proved by years methods of work the company managed fast restructure and manufacture press-shears and presses with high efficiency in work and service.

There were changes in management of the company in 1995. Instead of Antonio Amancio de Matos the partners became five sons of company founders. In this way the Louritex Lda became a family-owned business with only brothers and sons in managing board.

In 1995 the company started to export his products to Great Brittain, it was decided to enlarge production facilities and to develop agents’ network. Company invested funds into construction of two buildings with area of more than 4000 m2 and production equipment purchase.

During last several years there was immense increase of products export into many countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Great Brittan, France, Australia, Antilles, Poland, Czech republic, Russia, etc. In order to produce machines of high quality and efficiency Louritex has signed agreement with company Parker – leader of production and development of hydraulic parts. According to the Agreement Parker supplies new hydraulic pumps and parts and arrange service to the clients of Louritex in different countries with help of its own dealers’ network.

In 2003 the company commissioned new building with area 2100 m2 where the parts of steel plates of special hard alloys. Nowadays Louritex possesses premises with area of 120000 m2. Modern technologies are used during manufacture of its products as well as latest electronics and hydraulic components, modules for remote technical control (there is possibility to control and check the machines in any part of the world with help of special lines of Louritex factory)

During last years all equipment are being produced at modern machine tools that ensures high precision of parts and best quality.

Among the clients of Louritex there are not only large metal scrap provision companies but also large metallurgical factories such as Arcelor Mittal.

Owing to modern production technologies, innovation solutions, young and dynamic team Louritex is able to supply products of high quality within shortest time for the most hard-to-pleasure customers.

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