High quality in time!

 Service maintenance by “Pressmet Ltd”

 “Tell me what service team you have and I will tell how successful your company is” – a paraphrase of famous words describes completely current business. And this is true while today development of any company rests not upon amount of sales but on the high number of reliable and loyal clients. In order to have such customers and increase their number there is necessary to organize them a technical and information support. This what Pressmet Ltd does.

Service support team has been working from the very beginning of the company. Taking into consideration technical features of sold equipment for metal scrap recycling and great responsibility for customers our service team orients itself to maximal satisfaction of any requirements of the client. For this only high standards of work are being applied.

Philosophy of Pressmet Ltd service team directs to complete support of the clients during all stages of their work – from choice of necessary equipment till its guaranty and after guaranty service in accordance with the highest standards. Vasyl Karpenko, Head of the Service Team says he consults the clients regarding all technical aspects, suggests better solutions for each requirement and assists with analysis of the work principles of the clients in order to improve them as well as plans the technical maintenance.

To fulfill all tasks service team possesses everything necessary: high skilled personnel, special tools and facilities. An important advantage of the Service team is large stock of spare parts. All equipment supplied by Pressmet Ltd is of international manufacture, for example from far China, and such stock enables the service engineers to solve all technical problems within shortest possible time. To be more of that as we can see from our experience some spare parts can be used to repair similar machines and equipment.

Quality of work is one of the most important criterions of clients’ service.  If maintenance is organized “by feel” or “on kneels” it is unlikely to lead to good results and positive reviews of the clients.  That is why availability of the modern diagnostic tools is the main advantage of Pressmet service team.

There are mobile service groups which can organize diagnostics, maintenance and repair directly on the working site.

Also service team has all technical documents, instructions, drawings, manuals, catalogs of spare parts etc.  All supplied machines are provided with complete set of technical papers that is used by service engineers.

Highly qualified service workers attend regularly courses to improve their skills of technical maintenance, guarantee service and after guarantee service of the supplied equipment.  Service engineers have tight and constant contact with manufacturer of the equipment that enables them to be familiar with all technical improvements and innovations.

To summarize, the main features of Pressmet service team are:

–          High level of technical and repair equipment status;

–          Available stock of spare parts

–          Highly qualified personnel

–          High quality of clients service

–          Shortest time of repair

–          Technical documentation available

–          Mutually beneficial collaboration at repairing the equipment