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Container Tilter BHS T90FL

Availability: on stock in England

Equipment is capable of safely handling 20ft containers based on a maximum operating load of 30,000 kg.

• EASILY TRANSPORTABLE. Move your Tilter from SITE to SITE the WHOLE machine can be loaded onto a STANDARD 40ft Trailer. No disassembly, just pick up and load.

• POWER PACKS Kuboto 22.5 Hp diesel engine or WEG electric drive complete with two speed. Enclosed in a noise reducing enclosure. Producing an easily accessible power pack with a large tank capacity of 53 litres allowing continuous working.

• FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS. BHS sets the standard for safety, with the utilization of FEA construction.

• Wheels for easy re-location. The machine is totally FREESTANDING, requiring NO special foundations. Ease of re-location around your yard with the integral wheel system. Lifting adaptors provided for various lift types.

• Heavy and robust long range pushbutton REMOTE CONTROL UNIT featuring a digital weight display for ease of operator / loader use.

• Trailer Wheel Guides. Extended wheel guide system for quick trailer access.

• Rear Container Brace Support. Prevention of ‘Container Bulge’ or damage.

• Access ladder option. Safety ladder / platform for necessity to lock doors in vertical position.

• Integrated heavy duty load cell weigh system incorporated within main frame section ensuring cell protection whilst allowing ease of access. Integral additional weight display on power unit. Whole system being pivot mountable for the elimination of uneven surface or shock loading.

• High strength all corner hydraulic locking pins with the BHS 3 way container safety lock mechanism.

• Full range -10 to 90 degree tilt any stop operating system. Allowing container fill at ay angle as well as acceptance of differing trailer heights.

• Actuated by 160mm heavy duty hydraulic rams with 60mm dia hardened main pins incorporating full grease points. Cylinders fitted with check valves for fail safe operation.

• Hydraulic operated door opener/closers. Maintaining door pressure whilst lowering container.