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Tamping grab PFS-C

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The advantages of the non-vibrating tampering.
Idrobenne PFS – 80 C is the state of the art grab for non-vibrating tamping. It is intended to prop areas under the rails, when the ground is subsiding. Operators and professional say non-vibrating grabs are by far the best choice, because they last much longer and prevent the early wearing of the machine arm.

Solidity and power
The key features of this grapples are the sturdy body, the geometry of the arms and the powerful cylinder, which allow an incredible closing power.

Railway maintenance.
Rail maintenance is a very technically advanced sector of activity, in which only pure professionals may be involved. Idrobenne offers to this demanding customers the ultimate tools for strenght, reliability and easiness of use.

Custom made adaptors.
Idrobenne may supply all kind of adapters for different rail-road re-handlers. Each manufacturer of hydraulic machine for railways maintenance, in fact, has a different model of quick coupling that allows the re-handler to switch from a tool to another very easily.

Generously dimensioned cylinder.
The arms of the attachment are set in motion by a very powerful hydraulic double-acting cylinder. The opening and closing of the shells is synchronized.

Structural quality.
Tamping grabs are made using high tensile strength steel (WELDOX – DOMEX) for structural parts and use wear plates (HARDOX) for parts in contact with the handled materials, such as the shells’ blades.Large diameter, induction hardened chrome pins and bushings are used in all grapple junction points.

Grab for the propping of railways.