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Clamshell buckets BMV-P
volume 1000-1500 liters

Availability: On order

The clamshell bucket for the hardest tasks.
The buckets of the BMV/P line are very robust and provided with two strong vertical cylinders. This construction make them suitable for the most demanding applications on the biggest and more powerful hydraulic excavators.The shape of the shells and the power of cylinders grant huge penetration force, together with a good loading capacity.

Bulk material handling.
The clamshell buckets are the most appropriate attachments for bulk material loading. They are intended to handle sand, ground, gravel, cereals and debris. With minor modifications, BMV/P can be used for loading of scrap glass and for saltwater environment. BMV/P buckets can fit the biggest crawler or wheeled excavators.

Rotation systems.
BMV/P line clamshell buckets can be equipped with rotation devices, mechanical (mechanical rotation 250°) as well as hydraulic (continuous hydraulic motor 360°).The rotation devices are incorporated directly on flat top of the buckets, in order to grant maximum space saving and protection.

The safety valve is fitted as standard.
The shells of the attachments are set in motion by two hydraulic double-acting cylinders, each one equipped with a safety locking valve.The opening and closing of the shells is synchronized.

Digging teeth.
The clamshell buckets can all be fitted with digging teeth. They are made with high wear-resistant steel and supplied at the customer’s request. The number of demountable teeth depends on shells’ width, so it may vary from model to model.

For deep digging we can supply mechanical extensions on demand.

Strength and reliability.
On BMV/P clamshell buckets the hydraulic circuit is Far away from the working parts, so well protected from damage. The generously dimensioned cylinders, with a maximum working pressure of 350 BAR provide a relevant penetration force into the handled materials; the cylinder rams are encased in a solid steel protection.

Structural quality.
Clamshell buckets are made using high tensile strength steel (WELDOX – DOMEX) for structural parts and use wear plates (HARDOX) for parts in contact with the handled materials, such as the shells’ blades.Large diameter, induction hardened chrome pins and bushings are used in all grapple junction points.

Custom links.
The clamshell buckets must be mounted on operating machines through a cardan link that allows “pendulum” movement in the four horizontal directions. IDROBENNE can supply custom-made links for any operating machine on the market.