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Grapple PFV
volume 150-360 liters

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Traditional design and reliability
The sturdy and traditional design of PFV line orange peel grapples grants a very high gripping force, due to the vertical cylinders and the geometry of the tines.The maintenance operations are very easy. The substitution the hoses and cylinders takes just a few minutes.

Loose materials handling
Orange peel grapples are designed to handle loose materials such as metal scrap, paper, tyres and urban waste. They can be mounted on truck cranes, mini excavators, wheeled re-handlers and tracked excavators.

Different rotator options
The grapple can mount a rotation mechanism, both mechanical, (limited 250° rotation) or hydraulic (continuous rotation). In PFV grapples these devices are mounted externally, on the top of the grab.

Orange peel grapples are gripping devices with independent tines, each one set in motion by a double-acting hydraulic cylinder. This allows the equipment to have a good grip on loose materials and non-symmetrical objects. The number of tines vary from five to six. The oil flow must be provided by the machine on which the grapple is installed.

Strength and reliability.
On PFV polyp grapples the cylinder rods are well protected by metal shields. The generously dimensioned cylinders provides excellent penetration force into the handled materials.

Structural quality.
Orange peel grapples are made using high tensile strength steel (WELDOX – DOMEX) for structural parts and use wear plates (HARDOX) for parts in contact with the handled materials, such as the tines and the tips.

Custom links.
The polyp grapples must be mounted on operating machines through a cardan link that allows “pendulum” movement in the four horizontal directions. IDROBENNE can supply custom-made links for any operating machine on the market

Orange peel grab for metal scrap, urban waste and different materials