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Material rehandler CM380S

Availability: on stock in Italy


Max power 175 Kw (238 CV) @2300rpm

Cylinders – 6 cylinders in line

Power supply – Turbo diesel with intercooler, Common rail

Intake – Two stage air filter

Emissions In line with EC 97/68 phase 3


Noise level (EC 2000/14 directive)

LwA = 101 dB


Hydraulic pump – Microprocessor controlled Linde with variable flow rate and axial pistons

Max flow rate 620 l/min

Distributor – Linde LS single block proportional 6 component distributor

Operating pressure 330 bars

Operation Linde Load Sensing operating system

Synchron control for synchronised movements without reciprocal influence

Special turret rotation motor with independent torque control

Electronic control system

Electronic accelerator, movement speed regulator and auto-idle


Hydraulic motor – Axial piston with LS control section and integrated valves

Rotation speed 0-8 rpm, progressive start-up and controlled braking

Reduction – Two stage reduction gear group with tempered gears

Rail bearing – Rail A bearing with steel alloy external teeth, diameter 1380 mm


Hydraulic motor – Axial piston with variable flow rate (max flow rate 240 l/min)

Transverse movement speed 0-6 km/h in 1st gear; 0-20 km/h in 2nd gear

Gearbox- Two speed, electric drive manual gearbox

Assali – Static 50 ton capacity axles with epicyclical reducer gears in the hubs.

Oscillating front axle with electrical locking system. Track width 3.00 m

Wheels – 8 wheels with super elastic “Re-handler” tyres, 12.00×20 on 8.0” HD rims


Total span 14500 mm

Operating range 15600 mm

Arm I° 8700 mm, two cylinder drive

Arm II° 6900 mm monobloc, two cylinder drive


• Pantograph cabin lift (max height 5.40 m), roll bar grille, spotlights and parasol canopy

• Air conditioning unit with intake micro-filter

• Three speed fan heating system

• Automatic greasing unit for turret and arms

• Low maintenance broad mesh heat exchangers

• Front-mounted hydraulic blade with two cylinders

• Hydraulic front and rear legs

• Dual traction


• Radio with MP3 player

• Seat with pneumatic suspension

• Vortex intake pre-filter

• Hydraulic front legs

• Rubber spacer rings between the wheels

• Electromagnet system and plate

• Various tools available in line with requirements