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Pallet forks TP

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IDROBENNE: The quality pallet fork.
IDROBENNE crane forks are a sturdy and reliable work tool. The structure is made up with tick steel tubes, the forged forks are obtained by quality materials and specific thermal treatments, in order to give a good safety factor in all working conditions.

The most classic and easy-to-use, it has just two lifting positions: loaded and unloaded. Model TPA is lower, while TPB allows higher loads to be lifted.

This is the most common crane forks in Northern Europe. It has a sliding collar to allow the operator to find the centre of gravity before lifting.

The so-called “auto-balancing”, is capable to find automatically the centre of gravity through an internal spring system. This allows the forks to be always parallel to the soil.

Pallet lifting
Pallet forks are very common and spread in building sites or where it is necessary to lift any goods on pallet through a rope (truck crane, bridge crane, etc.)

All IDROBENNE pallet forks are conceived with an inner and outer steel tube which can lengthen to adjust the loading throat. This grants the most secure lifting and storage when unloaded.

Security first
Together with operator’s insecure behaviour and wrong manoeuvrings, the most important risk factor is the lack of quality of the forks. In order to avoid this danger, IDROBENNE adopts the higher safety factors and uses the maximum attention in building a strong and reliable product. This could not help with the price, but can save operator’s lives.

Third fork.
Every pallet model can come with the third, safety fork. This comes as an optional to ask for.

Pallet fork.