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Hand spectrometer ElvaX ProSpector (metal alloy analyzing device)

Availability: on stock in Ukraine

The ElvaX ProSpector is  portable, handheld EDXRF elemental analysis system is designed to be intuitive and user friendly. The system utilizes a 7.2 Vdc Li-ion battery. Under normal use, of handheld XRF Analyzer has an operating time of 8 hours before charging is required. The ElvaX ProSpector analyzer operates at a high voltage of 40 kV but can be set for up to 50 kV, and has a detectable range of Cl to U. The light element option has a detectable range from Mg to U. The ElvaX ProSpector operates under control of the HP iPAQ PDA with 4-inches high resolution touch-screen display, providing high flexibility and usability of the system. The optional lab stand allows using the ElvaX ProSpector as a laboratory grade instrument under PC or laptop control. All equipment includes on-site service support by a team of engineers with many years of solid EDXRF experience.

On-site instant analysis without sampling:

  • Ferrous and nonferrous alloys sorting
  • RoHS, WEEE and Proposition 65 Compliance testing
  • Lead determination in paint, toys, furniture and clothing
  • Soil and sediments analysis
  • Mining and geology
  • Art and archeology

Basic user specification

Element detection range from Cl (Z=17) to U (Z=92)
Оption – light elements from Mg (Z=12) to S (Z=16)
Burn-time battery to 8 hours
Dimensions 242 mm x 230 mm  x 78 mm
Weight (with a battery) 1230 g (1440 g)

Technical characteristics

X-ray tube W anode, 40 kV max. (option 50 kV max.), 100 мкА макс.
Option: Ag anode for lights elements analysis
Option: automat for changing filters on 5 positions
X-ray detector
Detector type solid state Si-pin-diode with thermo-electrical cooling
Active area 6 mm2 (option 25 mm2)
Energy resolution
Pulse processor digital pulse processor
pile-up rejection
pulse shape selector
automatic adjustment to count rate
ADC 4096 channels
Processor KPK 624 Mh KPK
Displey 4″
Supported operating systems Windows CE/Mobile for KPK
Windows XP/Vista/7
Quantitative analysis algorithms fundamental parameters
quadratic stepwise multiple regression
manual spectra comparison